All of our sauces are hand-crafted recipes, each adding their own dynamic to the Frites.  We create our own versions of Belgian classics like Tiger and Samurai Sauces, alongside our own proprietary Sauces like Comeback,  Garlic Aioli, or House Ketchup.  The brief descriptions below are but a shadow of the flavors to behold in person...the best way find out is to experience them for yourself!  

TIGER SAUCE:  a spicy and bright horseradish, lemon, and black pepper aioli. A traditional Belgian Aioli.

SAMURAI SAUCE:  a traditional Belgian Chili Mayo.  

SWISS FONDUE: a deliciously gooey blend of white wine, Swiss and Gruyere cheeses.

HOUSE CURRY:  England meets India in our mild yet complex Brown Curry sauce, made with fresh ginger and toasted spices.

BRAVAS SAUCE:  A smoky and complex tomato-based sauce with Paprika, Onion, Garlic, Tomato. A key component of our Papas Bravas Entrée Cone!

BLUE FONDUE:  a warm Roquefort Blue Cheese and white wine fondue cheese sauce.

GARLIC AIOLI - a blend of Roasted Garlic, mayo and love.

COMEBACK SAUCE - our proprietary Mississippi Remoulade has too many ingredients to list! Come see why it is the house favorite as well as the fan favorite! Then 'comeback' for more!



 Chicago street food is about freshness and flavor, and we do our best for lunch and dinner.  Everything is cooked to order and delivered hot and fresh; ready to eat in our handy LOADED CONES: our frites loaded high with delicious ingredients paired with sauces. Think: full meal in a cone!

 Try as we may: we just can't seem to prepare enough of our Braised Oxtail Poutine to feed our ravenous fans!  We'll put our beer-battered Fish and Chips up against ANY challengers for 'Best in the City!'  Our menu is changing every week, but some of our favorites never let us down, and all of them come atop our Signature Frites!

BRAISED OXTAIL POUTINE:  Oxtail slow-braised in Red Wine and Thyme, rendered into a gravy, then poured atop our frites with Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar, Oxtail gravy and crisp leeks.

FISH AND CHIPS:  our take on the pub classic:  Wild Caught Alaskan Cod dipped in our  house beer batter, fresh-fried to order and drizzled with our proprietary Comeback remoulade and crispy capers. FAN FAVORITE!!!

CURRYWURST:  Freshly griddled Bavarian Brat, covered with our House Curry, Carmelized Onions, Garlic Aioli, with a dash of Crushed Peanuts

PAPAS BRAVAS: Spanish Chorizo roasted with Pablanos peppers, doused in Bravas sauce,  a zig and a zag of Garlic Aioli, and a dash Crispy Bacon.

CROQUE MADAME:  Griddled Ham Off the Bone,  Swiss Fondue, a dash of Dijonnaise, topped with (BAM!) a Sunnyside Egg and a some buttered breadcrumbs. SEE SPOLIGHT BELOW!